How to Request a CBN N500M Grant

How to Request a CBN N500M Grant

The CBN provides a N500K incentive for Nigerian graduates in an attempt to encourage entrepreneurship and lower the unemployment rate. In order to maximize the potential of Nigeria’s graduate entrepreneurs, the Tertiary Institutions Entrepreneurship Scheme (TIES) has devised a credit grant in partnership with polytechnics and universities in the country.

An project called the Tertiary Institutions Entrepreneurship Scheme (TIES) aims to equip Nigerian polytechnic and university graduates with entrepreneurial skills for business growth, economic development, and job creation.

The Scheme’s main goal is to make it easier for Nigerian polytechnic and university students and graduates with creative business and technical concepts to get financing.

We have covered all the specifics of the CBN N500K loan award in this post. This outlines the requirements for qualifying and explains how students and recent graduates may easily get the CBN N500K award.

So now is the time to act whether you are a recent graduate or an entrepreneur searching for a loan to support your firm. You just need to apply with your contact information and the appropriate credentials.

The N500k Grant application site for both graduates and students has finally been made available by the CBN. Take this material carefully if you want to apply since it is being supplied for informational purposes only. Here are the requirements for eligibility.

Qualifications for the CBN N500,000 Grant

Candidates for the Scheme must be Nigerian polytechnic and university graduates:
a first-degree credential (BSc, HND, or its equivalent); a National Youth Service Certificate (NYSC) discharge or exemption certificate; a Certificate of Participation from a polytechnic or university attesting to entrepreneurial training; and not more than seven years after NYSC.

The following areas will get grants:

Technology and science
computer technology
Agriculture and the creative sector

Note that the CBN will never charge you or request payment in order for you to obtain the loan or submit a loan application.
Application Process for CBN N500K Grants

Apply for the award by following the steps listed below.

Go to to see the official website.
Carefully read and adhere to the directions.
Select Proceed.
Choose a Loan Type: (Tier 1 is a sole proprietorship, while Tier 2 is a small business or enterprise.)
Enter your NYSC callup number; it might take a moment for your request to be processed.
Fill Number of your NYSC certificate, your certificate’s year, and your graduation year
Enter your personal information, then click “validate.”
Check your email, then log in using your authorized credentials.
Complete and submit the CBN Grant Form.

On this page, we periodically provide the most recent information on the CBN loan awards. So, if you want to keep up with everything and never miss an update, we suggest that you check this page often.

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