Eastern University Scholarships For International Students In The United States

Eastern University Scholarships For International Students In The United States

In St. Davids, Pennsylvania, Eastern Institution is a private Baptist university. There are thousands of students enrolled at the Middle States Commission on Higher Education-accredited college. The American Baptist Churches USA are connected to the university.

In terms of value for money, the university is regarded as among the top private institutions in the country. Although it offers a number of scholarships to its students, just a tiny percentage of those who qualify will actually be awarded one. Scholarship applications place a strong emphasis on service, leadership, and academic achievement. Specific financial assistance standards must be met in order for students who are granted scholarships to be awarded the grant.

Scholarships At Eastern University For Foreign Students

At Eastern University, scholarship applications are accepted from students from all around the globe. International students pursuing a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degree are eligible for the scholarship program.

With over $21 million in scholarships offered each year, this institution is one of the few private colleges in the United States. There are specific citizenship, academic, and other qualifying requirements for each award. The following undergraduate foreign scholarship opportunities are provided by Eastern University:

1. The Cornerstone Award

Students who have achieved academic excellence, effectively engaged in university decision-making, rendered substantial community service to the institution, and shown leadership potential are eligible for the Cornerstone scholarship.

The Cornerstone Award is open to freshmen, sophomores, and juniors accepted to Eastern University in Pennsylvania. An annual award of $11,000 will be given to international students for their undergraduate studies at the institution.

2. Provost Scholarship

The Provost Scholarship is available to foreign students who have a strong high school GPA, have shown leadership potential, and have engaged in extracurricular activities that are necessary for leadership positions in the community service. The scholarship is often awarded to eligible international students who have been admitted into Eastern University’s undergraduate program but are not US citizens. The scholarship will be worth $13,000.

3. Presidential Grants

This is yet another superb honor for undergraduate foreign students. The Presidential grant is open to students who will be attending Eastern University for the first time for up to four years. The college offers a $15,000 scholarship to international students, which will pay for their tuition, housing, and other costs throughout the four years of the program.

Candidates are selected based on their critical thinking abilities, exceptional academic records, leadership qualities, and active involvement in university, national, and international service.

4. Trustee Fellowship

Undergraduate international students who have been accepted to Eastern University are eligible for the Trustee Scholarship. Based on their leadership potential, academic performance, and extracurricular activities, international students will receive a $18,000.00 award.

5. Eagle Scholarship

The Eagle Scholarship at Eastern University is a very selective scholarship program for overseas undergraduates. Any foreign student who is not an American citizen may use it. The Eagle Scholarship is awarded based on leadership potential, academic success, and extracurricular involvement. Over the course of their four years at the university, international students will get a scholarship of $21,000.00.

The scholarships listed above are offered to foreign students at Eastern University. They provide a scholarship with a sizeable salary for each year of study, are competitive, and vary from those given to US residents. The institution gives out around $21 million in scholarships to students in a single year.

Nota Bene: Due to the fact that overseas students are not American citizens, Eastern University does not award full-tuition scholarships.

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