Canadian Jobs With High Paying Positions But No University Degree

Canadian Jobs With High Paying Positions But No University Degree

Trying to find high-paying employment in Canada without a college degree? One of the most competitive places to live in the world is Canada. Given the abundance of work possibilities, competitive wages, and low unemployment rate in Canada, it should come as no surprise that it is one of the countries where immigrants are most likely to settle. But what are the best paying occupations in Canada that don’t call for a college degree?

It may interest you to know that some of the highest-paying careers in Canada that don’t even need an online university degree are in the sector of information technology as we examine some of them in this article.

1. A worker in construction

If you have the necessary abilities, being a construction worker in Canada is a wonderful choice if you want a high-paying position. Construction workers make $20.80 an hour on average, but this might vary based on your skills and the sort of job you perform. You need a valid driver’s license to work as a unionized employee, although there are non-union positions available as well. Construction employees need to be driven by themselves, have excellent physical skills, and be capable of addressing problems. This is a great option if you want a career rather than simply a job in Canada.

2. Agent of Real Estate

Another well-paying profession in Canada that requires little to no education is real estate agent. Similar to web developers, this career is very competitive and pays anywhere from $45,000 to $150,000 depending on experience and credentials. A real estate agent has to be an expert communicator and negotiator in order to sell homes for their clients or company.

3. Plumber.

Working as a plumber, which is a well-paying career in Canada, is another way to earn a lot of money without a university degree. Talented individuals may make up to $60,000 throughout the nation with expertise. The sector is becoming more and more competitive, however, as demand for plumbers rises. Additionally, plumbers will need to operate in a variety of settings and buildings. Plumbers often work for themselves as independent contractors rather than as employees.

4. A web programmer

Web developers are in great demand in Canada. Given how many businesses are searching for the ideal employee, it is simple to see why. The yearly pay for a web developer varies from $25,000 to $70,000. They must possess great computer skills, be able to work autonomously, and be able to create a successful website from start. One of the highest-paying professions in Canada, web development needs no university background.

5. Graphic Artist

One of the highest-paying professions in Canada that don’t call for a university degree is graphic design. It’s also one of Canada’s fastest-growing industries, so there are many of opportunities for those with extraordinary skills to find employment in Canada. In this field, the beginning salary is around $55,000 per year. However, it may quickly increase based on your area of expertise and employment in Canada.

6. Hairdresser

A university degree is not necessary for several vocations in Canada, including hairstyling. Even though certain parts of Canada need a license for this job, you may be employed without a university degree. Getting into the hair industry is a great way to earn money and have a lot of fun. You can operate independently if you have company ownership experience. It’s one of the industries with the highest rate of growth and offers tremendous earning potential, particularly if you are skilled in color and cutting applications.

7. Firefighter

One of the professions with the highest reputation in Canada is firefighting, and for good reason. They risk their lives to keep everyone safe and are always ready to help others. It’s one of the riskiest occupations in Canada, and there’s a strong possibility something terrible may happen, yet depending on where you work in Canada, salaries can vary from $50,000 to over $100,000 annually.

Firefighting in an emergency requires exceptional collaboration skills, as well as both mental and physical fortitude. A great career option if you want to assist others and possess the requisite abilities is firefighting.


These are just a handful of the careers available in Canada that don’t need a university degree. There are a ton more out there! If you want to skip attending college, here are some options to think about.

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