Top 10 In Demand Jobs in New Brunswick

New Brunswick is notorious for its salmon-rich rivers, warm coastal waters and scenic beauty. However, don’t be fooled by this small town. It offers great working opportunities for foreign nationals who are looking to immigrate and create a life for themselves in Canada. Imagine working in this pristine province and getting to experience the untouched wildlife when you’re not at the office. Let’s have a look at the top 10 in demand jobs in New Brunswick to get you started on your journey there.

10 Work Opportunities in New Brunswick that are High In Demand

1. Nurses

(NOC 3012)

Nurses are in high demand throughout Canada, but specifically New Brunswick because those positions are struggling to be filled locally. In early December 2021 there were already 268 vacancies regarding nursing positions. Registered psychiatric nurses and registered nurses provide direct care to patients when health issues are not as severe, deliver health education programs and provide consultative services regarding issues relevant to nursing practice. The annual salary adds up to $77,160 for a 37.5-hour workweek. Top earners in New Brunswick make up to $87,750 in the port city of Saint John.

2. Administrative Assistants

(NOC 1241)

Administrative assistants are the backbone of businesses as they keep paperwork organized, prepare, key in, edit and proofread correspondence, presentations, brochures, invoices, publications, reports and similar material virtually or in handwritten copies. Since many businesses have either closed since the pandemic, it’s become more common to work from home. The businesses that are reopening and in dire need of someone who can coordinate the flow of information internally with other departments and organizations. The average salary for an administrative assistant is $40,014 per year, while the highest salary annually is equivalent to $56,570.

3. Delivery and Courier Service Drivers

(NOC 7514)

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the game in terms of physically going out to grab some groceries or shop for clothes. Most people don’t want to go out to do their shopping anymore, so delivery drivers and courier services have grown to be in demand. These are employees who pick up and deliver various products for take-out restaurants, dry cleaners, dairies, drug stores, newspaper distributors, mobile caterers, courier and even messenger service companies. The annual salary for this occupation can range from $33,735 to $52,494 per year.

4. Retail Sales Associates

(NOC 6241)

In early December 2021, Indeed picked up that there were about 347 vacancies for this job. Retail sales associates are known for selling, renting or leasing a range of non-technical and technical goods and services directly to consumers. The main aim is to attract consumers to the product and make it seem desirable. The great thing about this job is that you don’t need qualifications for it, only a year or two worth of work experience. The median annual income of this occupation in New Brunswick is $24,375 but in the province’s northwestern region these workers can make up to $46,429.

5. Civil Engineers

(NOC 7271)

Civil engineers are in high demand currently because there are more than 10 construction projects happening in 2022 that require skilled workers to complete them. There will always be more than enough jobs in New Brunswick because provinces are continuously expanding and require people for construction. Not only do they have to start work on new projects, they will also need experienced workers who will design, plan, and manage projects for the repair of buildings, airports, railways, bridges, powerhouses, and roads. They also have a lot to do with coastal installations, transportation services, water distribution and sanitation. Civil Engineers earn $73,000 annually but can earn up to $131,995 in one of these three cities: Moncton, Saint John and Fredericton.

6. Early Childhood Educators

(NOC 4214)

While educators are in demand, early childhood educators are in higher demand because of the growing birth rate in Canada. These educators focus specifically on children between the ages of infancy and 12 years of age. They will work in New Brunswick in kindergartens, child-care centres, day-care centres, agencies for exceptional children and other settings where they are required to plan, organize and implement programs. The average salary for this occupation in New Brunswick is $31,687 based on a 37.5-hour workweek but can reach $43,543 in the northwestern part of the province.

7. Computer Programmers and Interactive Media Developers

(NOC 2174)

Since online shopping, as well as communicating online, has become so popular, a lot of companies are in need of creating and maintaining websites. That’s where computer programmers and media developers come in. This industry grew by 15 percent throughout the course of the pandemic as most companies decided to go digital. Computer programmers are used to modify, integrate, write and test computer code for software applications, data processing applications, operating systems-level and communications software. Interactive media developers have similar duties but for internet and mobile applications instead of software applications such as gaming, film, video and other mediums of interactive media. This job usually pays between $66,300 to $112,495 annually.

8. Physicians and Specialists

(NOC 3112 & 3111)

When doctors are not at the means of assisting, physicians can step in to treat diseases, physiological disorders and injuries. Specialists are a category that includes surgeons, are able to treat and diagnose psychological or psychiatric disorders and are allowed to be a consultant to other physicians. You have to have the correct qualifications for this industry. The annual salary for this occupation in New Brunswick is between $284,626 but can hit $528,100.

9. Cooks

(NOC 6322)

The hospitality sector is facing a big labour shortage as restaurants are starting to open up and are extremely short staffed. Tourists are streaming in and there are not enough cooks to live up to the plate. In December 2021 there were almost 200 jobs advertised in New Brunswick for chefs and cooks. The annual salary for this industry starts at $26,325 to about $35,100.

10. Financial and Investment Analysts

(NOC 1112)

Financial and investment analysts are crucial to provide expert advice to their employers and clients. They collect and analyze financial information like economic forecasts, trading volumes and capital movement, and company financial backgrounds etc. It’s suggested that there will be a 600-person shortage of these specialists to fill vacant opportunities in Canada during the next six years. The annual salary for this job is $61,190 and can go up to $88,062 depending on how many years of work experience you have. What a great way to work in New Brunswick!


What is the cost of living in New Brunswick?

New Brunswick is ranked as the 9th best province to live in as their cost of living is reasonably lower than most of the other provinces in Canada. The table below indicates basic expenses per month in New Brunswick.


Cost of Living
Groceries (monthly)$200 – $300
Rent for 1 Bedroom Apartment (monthly)$628-$782
Monthly Bills (Utilities, Internet, etc.)$87.7 – $135
Transportation (monthly ticket )$53.5
Average Salary(monthly)$72,786 – after taxes $61,431

What is the average hourly wage in New Brunswick?

The average salary in New Brunswick is $31,688 per year or $16.25 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $28,080 per year, while more experienced workers make up to $43,875 per year.

What would be the best way to immigrate to New Brunswick?

The Provincial Nominee Program would be the best way to immigrate, more specifically, the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP). It will allow a province to nominate you on your skillset and will guarantee you an Invitation To Apply (ITA).

Work in New Brunswick could come with a lot of perks. There are many other jobs beside the 10 jobs in New Brunswick to choose from. What could be better than finding your dream job in a province surrounded by untouched nature? Let us assist you with getting to Canada and starting your dream life.

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