Avoid these Errors When Applying for a K-1 Visa

Avoid these Errors When Applying for a K-1 Visa

The largest error that many applicants for a K-1 visa make is attempting to handle everything on their own. Many individuals don’t comprehend the procedure since it is difficult. Because you didn’t provide all the requested information or performed poorly during the interview, you can be denied. The only method to guarantee that your application is accepted and that you don’t commit any of these frequent errors is to hire an expert.


Trying to acquire a K-1 visa without mentioning prior criminal convictions is one of the most typical IMBRA errors. Even though you may not automatically be ineligible for a K-1 visa if you have a criminal record, it might make the application process more challenging. Here are some typical errors to avoid:

Form I-864

You need to be aware of the Form I-864 faults to avert in order to prevent having your application for a K-1 visa rejected. The majority of consular officials err on this form, and submitting it incorrectly may lead to a refusal. Make sure your finances are proper and that you are not depending on the income of another person to pay your bills. A Form I-864 that is completed incorrectly might endanger your application since the USCIS has stringent criteria for establishing whether you are a public charge.


You should be prepared for the K-1 Visa Interview if you’re an American citizen seeking a fiancée visa. This is an official interview where you must establish your connection and fulfill specific criteria. To support your application, you can be required to submit paperwork and documentation, but it might also become personal. Your application for a K-1 visa will eventually be accepted or denied based on the responses to these questions. You may prepare for the interview and steer clear of any traps by being aware of what to anticipate.

Sponsor’s required level of income

You must satisfy specific income criteria in order to be eligible to sponsor a K-1 visa. For instance, you must make at least $17,240 a year for a couple in household income in order to sponsor a foreign national with a K-1 visa. The total income need does not change as the number of dependents does, but this number does. If you reside in a state with greater poverty levels, you may additionally need to fulfill certain income criteria for a sponsor depending on the kind of visa.

Authentication of the connection

Establishing a connection with the sponsor is the first stage in making an application for a K-1 visa. You must be engaged or married in the US before you may apply for a fiancé visa. If you are married, you must provide a marriage certificate or divorce judgment to demonstrate your connection with the sponsor. You must provide evidence to show that you have been married for one year.

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